How To Wear - The Caridi

Dark navy with a subtle black check, the Caridi suit is perfect for a gentleman looking for that extra touch of class. The Caridi suit is the navy suit of your dreams, with intrigue and charisma a step up from your regular navy suit. For a charming, detailed outfit, the Caridi suit is for you.  

Caridi in shop window with view of Milsom Street reflecting on it.

Caridi Jacket - Wells Waistcoat - SUAVE OWL White Shirt - Blossom Tie & Pocket Square Set


For some ideas for how to wear your Caridi, read on… 


Colour Choices

Colour matching with navy suits can be difficult. If you want to keep the navy consistent, blue can be difficult to match up. This also adds issues if you had intended to try and match your Caridi with a lighter blue. It is by no means impossible to do, but with a suit as dark a navy as the Caridi it can add complications. 



We would advise to try for colour contrast instead of matching. The Caridi's dark neutral colours work well with brighter, contrasting elements. Your choice is all down to personal preference, aswell as occasion. The Caridi goes well with shades of yellow, pinks, oranges, and gold. However, close to any colour can be made to work and look cohesive! 


Caridi suits on mannequin with range of ties in background.

 Caridi Jacket - Wells Waistcoat - SUAVE OWL White Shirt - Plain Twill Tie & Pocket Square Set


For Casual Days

For those more relaxed events where you still want to make a good impression, reliable smart casual outfits are essential. The Caridi makes for striking smart-casual wear, making a distinct impression. For a casual outfit with a hint of the dark and mysterious, trust the Caridi. 


Caridi jacket worn with white SUAVE OWL T-shirt.

 Caridi Jacket - SUAVE OWL White T-shirt


If you are wanting something more on the casual side of smart casual, try the Caridi jacket with a SUAVE OWL T-shirt and chinos. It's simple but so effective. The Caridi jacket is slim-fit and flattering; it will give you a sleek silhouette. 


Caridi on mannequin with T-shirt and chinos.

Caridi Jacket - Slim Crew Neck Jumper - Sand Chinos


For something on the more formal side during the colder half of the year, try the Caridi trousers with a thermal shirt and a jumper. It is an all-around winner! Sophisticated with a fantastic initial impression, it makes for excellent office wear or even an outfit for a first date. 


For Business

For perfect officewear with little decision making first thing in the morning, try the Caridi trousers and waistcoat, a SUAVE OWL white shirt, and your favourite brogues. A plain coloured tie works best, even a navy that doesn't quite match looks fetching, in an understated colour of your choice,. 


Model wears the full Caridi suit in Bath City Centre.

 Caridi Jacket - Caridi Waistcoat - Caridi Trousers - SUAVE OWL White Shirt - Plain Twill Tie & Pocketsquare Set - Brogues


If the weather is simply too warm for long-sleeves, wear the Caridi trousers with a SUAVE OWL polo shirt in black. You will still command attention, but not swelter throughout the day. The pique cotton of the polo will keep you breezy.


For Wedding Days

The Caridi is truly exceptional for full formal looks. The dark navy, the contrast with lighter colours, the flattering cut, it makes a wedding day winner. For gentlemen who want classic style groomswear, the Caridi is a fine option.


Close up of Caridi jacket, white shirt, red tie and pale blue Wells waistcoat.


There's so many options for styling, the choice is yours. A SUAVE OWL shirt, tie, braces, and brogues paired with all three pieces of the Caridi is sure to make you look dashing. For stand out groomswear, you can also switch out the waistcoat for one of a different suit as pictured above and below. It creates a unique look perfect for a groom on their big day.



When you know what suit pieces you're wearing, accessorise how you please. A pocket watch, pocket square, braces, tie clips, lapel pin, or boutonniere are all classic choices. Your wedding day is certainly the day to indulge,

Caridi with Ted waistcoat and pale pink accessories.

Caridi Jacket - Ted Waistcoat - SUAVE OWL Pink Shirt - Paisley Tie & Pocket Square Set


However you decide to wear your Caridi, it is sure to make you feel your best. Trust SUAVE OWL for your confidence, and check out our full formalwear range today. 

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