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Continental Bride & Groom

Continental Bride & Groom
The setting reflects the ease and lightness of the mood. The location is perfect, the decor is sublime... wedding dreams come true!

Ceremony & Snowfall

English Winter Country Wedding
For those who dream of a winter wedding, not much could make the day more perfect than a never ending sea of pure white snow. The fresh snowfall upon untouched ground will make you feel liked you've stepped into a winter wonderland... Inside the barns buildings you could not feel further from the winter cold.

A Barn Wedding in Spring

Rustic Barn Wedding Tweed Groom Suit
A vibrant spring wedding which will no doubt delight and inspire you. And it goes without saying that the groom's gorgeous tweed style suit (Scott Blue by Marc Darcy) sets itself apart magnificently whilst remaining a crucial part of the big day!