The Platinum Jubilee - What To Wear

Excited for the The Queen's Platinum Jubilee? We are! 



The upcoming long weekend is packed full of opportunities for family BBQs, parties and national celebrations. This is the first platinum jubilee in history making for a once-in-a-lifetime weekend for all of us. Festivity is in order we think, so treat yourself to a new look for this momentous occasion!



So, what do you wear?




Elwood suit on mannequin holding UK flag



The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Beacons – 2nd June



To start the celebrations, there will be a national and international lighting of the beacons. Major cities will be participating and beacons will be lit at 9:45pm. Historically, beacons were lit to pass on information quickly. On seeing a beacon, the neighbouring towns would light theirs so those close to them could do the same. Now, the lighting of beacons is simply ceremonial.



 Jubilee beacons will connect back to the Principal Beacon at Buckingham Palace, which will be the first flame ignited. Our home city, Bath, is joining by performing a light show on famous landmarks.



This is a casual late-night affair to start the celebrations. Since it will coincide with and take place after sunset, it is important to stay warm. For much needed layers, our coats, lumberjack shirts and knitwear are brilliant options.



Lightweight and perfect for the warmer June nights, the Thin Waffle Knit Jumper and Slim Waffle Knit (available in Cream and Olive) are easy to style and wear. They add colour to your outfit, making for a more in-season wear that keeps you from feeling the chill. 



Mannequin wearing a lumberjack shirt and green jacket.



Cazoo Royal Derby at Epsom Downs– 4th June



The Cazoo Royal Derby is taking place on the 3rd and 4th of June and will be attended by Her Majesty herself on the Saturday. The atmosphere is sure to be sensational.



In the Queen's Stand on Derby Day, formal dress code is required. This means either black or grey morning dress with top hat, service dress or full national costume.



In the Grandstand Enclosure, smart dress is encouraged. Fear not, we know how to help a gentleman find his ideal derby look. You will want to stand-out in classic fashion, with a pop of personality. We have plenty of choices that will show off your character. 


Harry suit with jacket being put on by model.

 For the traditional gent, the Ted suit will give you the distinguished look you are after. If you are interested in a lighter, brighter, more modern option to keep you looking and feeling cool, both the Wells suit and the Elwood suit are perfect.  


Don't forget to accessorise. Our new Tie & Pocket Square Sets, available in plain twill, blossom and paisley, are up for grabs. With so much available, you can make your outfit the most ‘you’ possible.




Platinum Party At The Palace – 4th June



The Platinum Party At The Palace promises to be quite the concert.



Thousands of people will gather in the royal gardens of Buckingham Palace to listen to some of the biggest music names perform and celebrate our longest reigning monarch. It will be live broadcast for the everyone to see.



Want to dress well enough to stand out at Buckingham Palace? Our Rosa Jackets are classy and sophisticated. They give off charisma and charm. Be daring and delve into the debonair, what better occasion is there?



Available to pre-order in Navy, Forest and Wine


Man wearing Rosa jacket in Wine pouring alcohol through a teapot onto a champagne tower.



The Big Jubilee Lunch – 5th June



Taking place at midday on the last day of the jubilee weekend, the National Lunch has organisers over the country planning public and private picnics. 



If you are a West Country local like us, there will be a public Big Lunch on the 5th of June at both the Crescent in Bath and the College Green, Bristol. There is also a lunch occurring on the 4th of June in Keynsham, SUAVE OWL's old home, at the Keynsham Memorial Park.



Hopefully, there will be sunshine! If you are the optimistic type, our SUAVE OWL T-shirts and SUAVE OWL Polo Shirts are easy-to-style and made of cotton, a cooler wear that is ideal for hot weather. A pair of our shorts will have you looking and feeling good. We also have woven linen shorts for breathable wear on those sweltering days (available in navy, white, coral blue and salmon pink). 


Petrol blue leaf shirt and sand chino shorts on display.



However, if you like to be prepared for the worst weather, one of our casual jackets might be a necessary addition to your wardrobe! They shield you from the elements, especially our water-resistant options. Any jacket with jeans, trainers, a long-sleeve shirt and some knitwear will be sure to keep you happy, looking good and feeling warm. Just remember to pack your umbrella!



Regardless of any forecast, we think a tipple of SUAVE OWL Gin is always required for a good picnic.

SUAVE OWL gin on shelf with UK flag



 Have a fantastic jubilee weekend from the team at SUAVE OWL!



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